Archival of Traffic Data at IVHS Center (Phase II)

Principal Investigator

Shashi Shekhar, Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

Project Summary

Engineers dealing with the design, construction, operation and maintenance of freeways are interested in the information that can be obtained by analyzing the sensor measurements being collected at the Traffic Management Center (TMC). The MNDOT Traffic Operations Group and the P.I. are developing an archival system with 5-minute averages in the first phase. The specific objectives for phase II are (i) to study techniques to address the bottleneck in processing 5-minute data for Mn/DOT queries, (ii) ascertain requirements for the selective storage of 30-second data, (iii) to create a GUI based data extraction model to obviate SQL training for general users and (iv) to advise ITS traffic database administrator. We will study techniques to address the performance bottleneck in processing 5-minute data for Mn/DOT queries. The volume of the 5-minute data for a year is beyond the reasonable performance zone for workstation database chosen by Mn/DOT. We will study customized techniques to improve the performance of the workstation databases. We will try to scale up to the selective storage of 30-second data. We note that 30-second measurements generate 100s of Gigabyte of data per year (this could be 10 times more data than in the 5-minute measurements to be archived in Phase I) and we will explore semantic techniques (e.g. incident logs, compression) to manage the data volume. We will advise ITS traffic database personnel in SQL level issues towards design and implementation of ITS Traffic database, assuming properly installed Oracle software.

Project Details

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